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Our Motive is to Provide Best for Those Who Deserve

"Sanghe shakti yuge yuge"

Har yug mein safalta ka madhyam sangathan shakti hi raha hai


There are plenty of problems which people of our Agrawal Community face, most of those can be solved by access to appropriate guidance and information. MASNYAS has been formed as a platform to provide necessary guidance, information (the best possible extent)* to the people and cater to various kinds of needs like Assistance in Govt benefits/ schemes, Administrative support in medical issues, Finding employment opportunities, documentation supports, and various other informal handholding.
All this is possible only with a strong sense of fraternity and bonding amongst the members of our entire Agrawal Community. MASNYAS hence acts as a bridge to facilitate the people in need of our Agrawal Community’s Assistance.
*Members are request to visit site of respective department for getting precise and complete information of respective scheme..


Our mission for 21-22 is to create a self explanatory and self sufficient information platform where information for various Govt schemes, Guidance on administrative medical issues, information on employment and business networking opportunities are available for the members of our Agrawal Community and to ensure that all the members of our Agrawal Community are connected with our network of MASNYAS.


Maharaj Agrasen had a very progressive vision for our COMMUNITY which was very much visible in his policy of “One Rupee and One Brick”. MASNYAS similarly wishes to see every member of Agrawal Community as a well endowed, prosperous and progressive citizen adding to our national development.



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